My Journey Starts Today!

Hello, I welcome you to join me as I start to reach my goals of freedom and wealth together.

21 thoughts on “My Journey Starts Today!”

  1. Hi, James! It looks like I’ve found you just at a lucky moment – right at the beginning! I believe you’re right- the list is the thing. I look forward to how you will advise growing and cultivating it.
    I’m very excited for you! I look forward to watching your blog grow.

    1. Hello Nakina, thanks for the engagement. I have been in the social
      media list building for years. In fact, follow me on twitter and
      I will give you a homework assignment to come back and tell me how
      many followers I have on twitter.

  2. Hi James,

    That’s an impressive bit of education listed in your, “My Story”. It’s good to have passion for what you do.

    I wish you well with your entrepreneurship instilled by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

  3. Hello James!
    Welcome to this wonderful online journey that we have embarked on. I have no doubt that we will all find success.

    1. Hey Tony, I am not starting with a blank sheet. I have had many bumps
      in the road. In fact, I should started with them. It makes the success
      much more believable I think. I welcome your comments if you agree.

    1. Atif, thanks for dropping your comment. That said, I like to reply
      to my audience, so please take a minute to drop a question or tell
      me what you liked or did not understand in my post.

      That my friend is how to leave value. Does that make sense partner?

  4. Congrats on getting your blog up and running. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am proud of you for take action.

    I look forward to seeing your blog evolve into a great resource for marketers.

    You got this!

  5. Hi James.
    All journeys start with that first step. Congratulations on making it happen!
    Look forward to seeing more valuable content from you.

  6. Hi James, short and sweet but right on the money 🙂
    Your experience with computers and online list building will really give you an edge in the coming year.
    You mentioned you worked in the twin towers? Were you at work the day of the impact???
    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

    1. Hey Sharel, Your Blog post rocks for several reasons. 1st you big your first Blog Post on Dec 14th that’s yours truly birthday so you get at less two stars for that. But wait there’s a ton more! That said secondly you’ve got some serious blogging skills Sharel. So why did I say that well thirdly, I love your post images it just adds so much energy to your text. I like how you made a connect about the cross roads in your life. In fact, I share the same energy, does that make sense? Also, I notice a second post from you too thanks you’ve offered so much value. Since you asked about 911 truth be told I had a dream about 911 months in advance. I tried to warn my friends but to a person behind my back, they all said I was crazy except my Chief-of-Staff John Maher. John called me on 911 to say I was always right and that I had a special gift if that makes sense?

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