How Do You Know Your Blog Audience?

Today I’m going to explain the number one question and the number one reason 90% of bloggers fail and only about 10% succeed as defined as making $10 or more during their blogging journey. While there are many reasons. That said, the game changer is to know and focus on getting off on the correct path from day one. That said, do your research i.e. get a head of the pack by knowing your Consumer Avatar.

What is a Consumer Avatars it’s a fictional representation of a brand’s ideal target audience. They yes, more than one, help Content Creators and Marketers better understand who they are creating content for and tailor their messaging and strategies accordingly. When creating a Consumer Avatar, it is important to consider various elements, bullets, and touch points that make up their profile.

One of the Key Elements of a Consumer Avatar is demographic information. This includes age, gender, income level, education level, and more. For example, a male Avatar in the age range of 24-66 may be a middle-aged professional with a stable income and a preference for high-quality products. On the other hand, a female Avatar in the same age range may be a young professional looking for affordable and trendy options.

Another important element to consider is psychographic information. This includes the consumer’s interests, values, beliefs, and lifestyle choices. For example, the male Avatar may enjoy outdoor activities and value sustainability, while the female Avatar may be interested in fashion and value social responsibility.

Touch Points refer to the various ways in which the consumer interacts with the brand. This can include social media channels, websites, email newsletters, and more. Understanding these touch points can help content creators and marketers reach their target audience more effectively.

When creating a Consumer Avatar, it is important to use a model that represents the target audience accurately. This can help content creators visualize the avatar and create content that resonates with them. For example, a male Avatar in the age range of 24-66 may be represented by a model with a professional appearance and a confident demeanor. On the other hand, a female Avatar in the same age range may be represented by a model with a trendy style and a friendly smile.

To start your research on the topic of Consumer Avatars, you can explore credible sources such as industry reports, academic journals, and case studies. Some recommended sources include:

“Marketing personas: A beginner’s guide” by HubSpot – This guide provides an overview of how to create effective consumer avatars for marketing purposes.

“The Ultimate Guide to Customer Avatars” by Digital Marketer – This comprehensive guide offers tips and strategies for creating detailed Consumer Avatars.

“Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy” by Del I. Hawkins and David L. Mothersbaugh – This book explores consumer behavior and how it influences marketing strategies, including the use of Consumer Avatars.

By researching these sources and brainstorming ideas related to Consumer Avatars, you can create more targeted and effective content for your blog as a Content Publisher.

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15 thoughts on “How Do You Know Your Blog Audience?”

  1. Hi James. That’s very good advice. I think I spent a whole day on this last year drilling down where my ideal clients are. What fears pain points hopes etc. they have. Have a example picture of a man and woman (with names) who I write anything to personally (obviously not using the names!)

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for dropping this great value-added comment. I’m glad to discover you put in the effort to educate yourself. I encourage you to continue down that avatar path. There is so much more to learn.
      In fact, I’m going to help you on your road to success and also save you a ton of time because time is money.
      Go to and purchase this reference: “Content Marketing For Dummies, Kudani Limited Edition”

  2. I just started targeting in on my avatar. Like within the last four days. He and she are seniors and are afraid to retire because of the economy and fear of running out of money because we are living longer, now. Well, some of us are.

    1. Hey Kate welcome to the non-senior retirement clubhouse, and, by the way in addition no fee it’s free. That said, here’s your (tip of the day). Always start your blog post with an intro line, “if you’re like me then say what you mentioned in your common here but tell them to drop a comment. This is powerful, because it gets them engaged and they self-identify i.e. kills two birds with one stone. Does that make sense?

  3. A marketing persona, or avatar, is indeed a tool that could really help us marketers when comes time to address our audience. By having and idea of who is reading your blog, what’s his interests, marketing behavior, will undoubtedly help taking the right tone and giving more value to your content. Thank you James for this very informative post.

    1. Hey Martin, this is content marketing 101 my friend. Without it you will fail. That said, I’m going to set you up for success. Here is my reference. “Content Marketing For Dummies, Kudani Limited Edition” Welcome to my world you’re always welcome come again!

  4. Thank you for the excellent reminder about something that I think is very easily forgotten: our target audience! This is something that I have always thought is “common sense,” however you know the age-old say, “common sense isn’t so common.” Thank you for the reminder that I need to make sure to take the time to determine my Consumer Avatar, and do so very clearly.

    1. Hey Lauren, your comments were music to my ears. That said, I want to hook you up for stopping by. Here is the game changer. Get your hands on this reference and there will be an open book test 🙂
      “Content Marketing For Dummies, Kudani Limited Edition”

  5. James, thanks for this. I think this is a very good concept and something that can be very useful in finding your target audience. I would question however how can two, a male and a female be enough to cover the tens of millions of accounts that are out there on social media. I think it’s good to have an idea of the type of person you appeal to. However I’m sure we all hope that hundreds join our list. Therefore there must be people outside of that avatar. As long as it doesn’t restrict us and I think it’s a great idea.

    1. Hey Atif, great comment you’re correct the Avatars on social media you will need at least 12 Avatars, but I try not to dive or overwhelm my blog readers here with Avatar 101. I feed the flock a small meal here and get them to ask me for more i.e. engagement! Does that make sense? It’s my blogging strategy. That said, if time is money, then write the check here now because I’m going to drop this game changer Avatar tip here. Get your hands on a copy of this book ASAP “Content Marketing For Dummies, Kudani Limited Edition” There will be an open book test after you complete the Avatar info.

  6. Thanks for all the reading references, James.

    This will come in real handy after reading that 65% of marketers use blogging as a traffic source. ( is my source for that stat)

    And those bloggers need websites – making web hosting one of the most profitable ways to make a lot of money.

    But the most valuable stat I got from that site is 32% of the affiliate marketing industry is comprised of individuals between the age of 35 and 44 – and they tend to have the highest success rate!

    Next up for percent of affiliate marketers is 25- 34 year olds at 24%

    And the smallest group at 10% is 45-54.

    I gotta rejig my Facebook Lead Ad demographics – and content to boot!

    1. Hey Robert, if my memory serves me right, you’re a welcome returner! That said, I’m going to reward you with with a game changer tip, and if you agree time is money, I should see the check in the post. That said, thanks for the five ***** review. Hey, it’s not every day people leave a comment that I discover some new info or facts of the niche that Robert was some massive value-added content. Okay, here’s a game changer special for you, I’m giving you a bonus not one but two valve added tips of the day! Thanks, for the value and come back soon.

      1. Content Marketing For Dummies, Kudani Limited Edition
      2. Blogging All-In-One For Dummies, Amy Lupold Bair 3rd Edition

  7. Hi James, Consumer Avatars is a completely new concept to me. I guess the problem is even if you are writing with particular avatars in mind, how do you effectively get them in to your blog world in the first place? That’s the part I’m struggling with at the moment. Great advice as usual from you.

  8. James,

    Knowing you avatar is definitely crucial to success. It is impossible to locate where your potential audience is if you haven’t identified who they are and where they hangout.

    Through my studying I’ve learned that the more precise your avatar the better results will be.

    This something I am working on and learning to do the research. I will take the resources you provided & add them to the guide I’m creating to help with me with the process.

    Thanks for sharing

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