The First Step In Making Money Online

The first step in making money online is understanding your current mindset. I know, it sounds cliché. But it’s the truth. I can classify mindsets into three groups: 1) Worker’s mindset 2) Opportunist’s mindset 3) Business mindset   1) Worker’s Mindset This group of people usually thinks of money in terms of time. When it […]

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Boost Your WordPress Blog SEO with These 5 Simple Tips

Before I dive into the main course for today, I wanted to say that I’m not an SEO expert nor should you refer to me as such. That said, just consider me a few steps ahead of you my loyal audience. Recently I was thinking about the idea of “mental bandwidth” and overwhelm. People try


How Do You Know Your Blog Audience?

Today I’m going to explain the number one question and the number one reason 90% of bloggers fail and only about 10% succeed as defined as making $10 or more during their blogging journey. While there are many reasons. That said, the game changer is to know and focus on getting off on the correct

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