My Story

Welcome – I am James Coe. I served in the U.S. Army for three years as a Military Postal Officer.

After I was discharged, I used the G.I. Education Bill to earn a B.S. in Electrical Engineering @ Temple University Philadelphia, and Advance Computer Operating Systems and Networking Systems Design @ M.I.T Boston.

After completing my business marketing advanced education @ the Harvard School of Business I went on to become the number two guy at AT&T Computer Systems Division New York City, World trade Center Tower II, on the 72nd Floor also where the plane hit on 911. Then I got the entrepreneur bug from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It’s been an up and down income ride, but I am back now with more passion for coaching and the goal is Freedom & Wealth Lifestyle and to help others go from zero to economic freedom with the help of AI technology and online Affiliate Marketing Partnership based on trust. If this makes sense to you then you have come to the right place, follow me here and let’s make it happen together. Hint: the secret to online success is the build a list! It becomes your asset that no one can take away.

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